Jargon: Neophyte, Prophyte, Sandz

Like any niche, Greek life has its own distinct terminology.  This week on the blog we will be talking about some of the terms commonly used by Greeks, or when talking about members of Greek lettered organizations.  That way, you too, can be in the know!

We will start the series with three very important words to describe groups of Greeks: Neophyte, Prophyte, and Sandz.


Neophyte or “Neo,” is the term commonly used to the describe the newest brothers and sisters of an organizations.  The term is applicable until the next time your chapter does recruitment, and brings in another new pledge class or line.


Though not as commonly used, Prophyte is a word used to categorize those members of the organization that went through the intake process, and pledged prior to at least another line or class.  Being a prophyte is a humbling experience, as you get to delve deeper into your organization and begin to give back.  Also, it offers the opportunity to see the intake process from the other side.


Commonly used by members of the NPHC, MGC, and NALFO and other minority greeks to define the bond shared by members of different greek letter organizations who pledged during the same semester.

Stay tuned for more greek jargon this week.

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